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About Me

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Hi! I'm Candace Seda and this is my design company! My goal is to make quality creative services accessible to those who are historically excluded or overlooked. So whether you need a gift for a loved one, a poster for your project, or ideas for renovating your basement, I'll be here to help you actualize your vision. 

I am a born and raised ATLlien who got bit by the travel bug which has made for a very diverse worldview. My master networker father is Kenyan, my professional educator mother was a military-brat with family from Virginia, and my aerospace engineer husband is Malaysian. I went to a boarding high school in Connecticut but did the rest of my schooling in Atlanta at Georgia Tech. 


Candace Seda Design is the sum of my parts. I am an artist, with a love for stories of adventure and diversity. I am a crafter with the urge to make art physical and useful to its beholder. I am a designer with a desire for playful yet effective communication. I am an architect who is passionate about creating the best learning environments for the students of the future. 

Let’s Work Together

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