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Design projects are all different and personal. It is my desire to make 'good design' available to more

than just high society.

 If you are interested in graphic design, preliminary drafting or architectural services, send me a message through this form! 

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project library

Location: Marietta, Georgia

Client: Wellstar Kennestone Hospital

Project Type: Healthcare, Interior Renovation

Status: Completed February 2017

The Graduate Medical Education Residents Lounge is a small 2,240 sf interior renovation of an existing shell space at Wellstar
Kennestone Hospital. it is designed to act as a model for future lounges and the GME program grows. It contains a conference
room, breakroom. Although I am a junior architect, I took the role of project architect, and worked with an interior designer
to thoroughly design the space from schematic design to construction administration to furniture bid and artwork selection.


Location: Atanta, Georgia

Client: eyedrum

Project Type: Arts, Cultural

Year Designed: Spring 2015


To demonstrate the maximum
potential that the institution of eyedrum has to become the community arts center of South Downtown, I propose to build upon the existing Eyedrum community by expanding their resources. My proposal is tripartite: continued DIY, low-cost temporary solutions in 80-88; appropriation of the roof, the room on the top of the existing storefronts that is defined by the surrounding buildings; and a restoration and addition to create a tower of “storefronts” above 90 that provides a scaffold for art, cultural, and community events to maximize daily user experience.


Location: Atanta, Georgia

Client: Georgia Institute of Technology

Project Type: Institution, Recreation

Year Designed: Spring 2014


Designed to fit into the campus 15 year Master Plan. The program was influenced by a studio research team that surveyed over 300 students about the needs of the student center. 

Location: Oxford, Georgia

Client: University of Emory

Project Type: Education, Cultural

Year Designed: Fall 2013


Location: Atanta, Georgia

Client: Gerhard Richter

Project Type: Community, Entertainment

Year Designed: Fall 2013


Designed to host the scupltures and paintings of Gerhard Richter. This composition is derrived from a form of exploratory design through nature. All drawings and models are drafted and build by hand, with no computers.


Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Client: City of Atlanta

Project Type: Retail, Community

Year Designed: Spring 2013


My proposal draws its main themes from two specific rules developed from the natural pattern of cracked glass. Light passes through cracked glass in a very dynamic and beautiful way. One of my goals was to capture the experience of light being filtered into a space. Because our design was assigned to become a farmer’s market, the main programatic theme I strived to integrate was an open space with a somewhat vaulted ceiling to enhance the  experience of a community beneath one roof. A vaulted space allows for one to see all the way across the very expansive market.

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