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This is the application portfolio for Candace Seda Design. See my introduction, booth setup, and selected works below.


Welcome to Candace Seda Design!

I'm Candace Seda, the creative mind behind Candace Seda Design, where passion for anime and a dedication to inclusivity fuel our creations. We specialize in anime-inspired art and apparel that resonates with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Our mission is to make quality creative services accessible to those who have been historically excluded or overlooked. Through our artwork, we reimagine beloved characters from animated series, representing various cultures, skin tones, and backgrounds. We believe in the transformative power of art to make people feel seen and accepted in the anime space.

At Candace Seda Design, we strive to connect with the vibrant community of anime enthusiasts and provide them with captivating products. Our collection features eye-catching prints, trendy tees, cozy sweatshirts, and unique specialty items like eyeglass cloths and playing cards. By bringing creativity and representation to life, we create a sense of belonging for attendees, allowing them to celebrate their love for anime.

With a focus on playful yet effective communication, our designs have garnered attention and appreciation from individuals longing for diverse representation within the anime community. We understand the joy of relating to favorite characters and the importance of authentic representation.

At anime events, we envision a booth that captivates visitors with original art designs inspired by their favorite anime. Our creations evoke a sense of pride and connection, engaging attendees on a deeper level. We believe that art should be an outlet for self-expression, and we are excited to share our passion and vision with you.

We kindly request the opportunity to showcase our art, engage with the community, and contribute to the vibrant atmosphere of events. Our unique perspective, commitment to inclusivity, and high-quality products make us a valuable addition to any venue.

Thank you for considering Candace Seda Design. We look forward to the possibility of making a lasting impact on attendees, creating memorable experiences, and celebrating the beauty of anime together.



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